Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Memory Keepsakes

Many of us get so wrapped up in all the exciting, and not to mention time consuming, details of a wedding that once it's over we don't quite know what to do with ourselves. Yes, we can still read our favorite wedding blogs and create a board of inspiration on Pinterest, but somehow isn't the same. Well -- here's an idea.... why not take the time to commemorate your big day by finding ways to show off all the wonderful photographs you now have?
Customized Wedding Frame

Undoubtedly you received a good assortment of picture frames from showers, engagement parties and the actual wedding, so take some time and choose some photos to fill those (and your empty walls) up. While most photographers kick back a lot of great shots, just pick a few iconic ones that catch your eye right away. You can always switch them out.

Alas, my Pinterest (seriously follow me here) addiction lead me to find this photo pick on Etsy. The customized frame allows you to personalize a photo with a special saying or even the lyrics from your first dance song. Their are a variety of vendors who will make such frames, so just look around and you shall find exactly what you're looking for. I think one of these frames would be perfect in a bedroom -- a good reminder of a couple's love before going to bed and when they wake up in the morning.

They'd sure make a great gift too! Now, get off your computer & go decorate!


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