Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Handbag Switch Artist

If you're like me, you discovered a long time ago that using one handbag at a time just won't do.

Now, I don't mean carrying multiple handbags at once - tempting as it may be (hey, sometimes it's just too hard to choose) - I mean utilizing more than one in a week, month, etc.  Often times this means dealing with the hassle of switching the contents of your bag frequently and inevitably something gets left behind in the switch. I don't know how many times I swore I put that lipgloss, gum or grocery list in my bag for the day, but alas, I had to live without it.

Enter this simple, but fun and stylish option.  Add a small clutch or makeup bag to the inside of your bag to hold the little odds and ends - which are all essential.  I found an AWESOME option this weekend while at ZARA in Chicago.  Oh and it was $9.99.  They were having a HUGE sale - I could have stayed for hours, but I had tickets to the theater.  (Side note: go see the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast if you can - it was marvelous.  I've seen a lot of other shows too if you ever need a suggestion.)

Now I don't worry about leaving anything behind when I change bags which is a good thing... mostly.  I can no longer use the excuse that I forget something in my other handbag and that's why I don't have it.  That's okay though - that excuse worked about as well as the dog ate my homework.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sidewalk Sale Steal

After a (short) work week, I headed out to explore some new shops in Downtown Naperville (IL) on Friday evening.  I'm always looking for unique pieces so shopping local boutiques is usually sure to produce some fantastic finds.  Friday's shopping trip was no different - I came home with some great additions to my wardrobe.

I started by visiting a (chain) retail favorite of mine, Ann Taylor LOFT.  LOFT is full of pieces that can go from work to casual to evenings out on the town.  I picked up this blouse in an army green color.  I can't wait to wear it with shorts for a casual evening and with skinny jeans and heels to dress it up... it will probably even show up at work.

However, my real find was this necklace - it's chic, versatile and classic.  Not to mention, down right affordable!  On sale (15% off) I scored this beauty for just under $7!  I found it at Karisma Boutique, an accessories haven!  The shop is nestled above another storefront and bursting with handbags, rings, bracelets, etc. in every color you can imagine, in every style you can imagine.  The shopkeeper was absolutely wonderful - offering casual conversation, personal shopping services and even a glass of water (Friday = sticky, hot mess of a day)!  I will definitely visit this boutique again for its unique pieces, large selection and great prices.

I've worn the necklace for two days now and racked up quite a few compliments on it.  My proudest moment: exclaiming it was less than $7!  The bonus?  The quote written on the necklace's packaging:

"Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements."
       ~Napoleon Hill