Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Fancy Footwear

While there is something absolutely magical about a bride who wears all white or ivory right down to the tips of her toes, adding an element of character to wedding footwear is a trend I can't get enough of. For many of us we've undoubtedly seen the many pictures and stories of brides who wore 'something blue' on their feet or colored heels to match their bridesmaid dresses. Recently I saw a photo that I absolutely adored. A bride and her maids in cowboy boots! To. Die. For.

Photo courtesy of Wedding Bee

Now I'm a big fan of country music and southern charm, so maybe I'm biased as to just how darn cute I think this is. In that case, I've been thinking. Wedding footwear doesn't need to be a traditional heel, but could be decorated flip flops for a beach wedding, Converse gym shoes for the hipster crowd, Ugg boots for those winter brides. What do you think? Would consider wearing unique footwear? If so, what would it be?

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