Thursday, January 12, 2012

Forecast: Winter

Winter has never, in recent years at least, been my favorite season. Yes - there was a time when I couldn't wait to put on my boots and run through the freshly powered yard and build a good snow fort or two, but those times have since long past. However, since I live in the Chicago area, winter and snow are two things I just can't seem to avoid no matter how hard I try. So this year I've decided to try and embrace the season a tiny bit more. Here are some things I can be thankful for this wintery season:

Fun beauty treats like these snowy-themed nails:

Image via Pinterest

Views like this close to home:

Michigan Ave., Chicago

Bundling up in a cozy infinity scarf and dreaming about a beach somewhere... sigh.

P.S. - An update on my order from Red Dress Boutique Kickoff Cutie. I love, love, love the dress I got. (Read more about that here.) To my surprise, they even included a bonus necklace that matches the dress perfectly! So sweet and can't wait to wear them both. : )

Here it is!

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