Monday, January 23, 2012

Just A Quick Note... say -- hey ya'll! How are ya doing?

I've always been an appreciator of the written word and I mean the written word, as in handwritten. There's just something exciting and magical about receiving an actual note or letter from another human being. While in this age of technology and text messages it's easy to forget about pens and fabulous papers, I'd like to advocate for more handwritten notes and cards. Especially since there are so many pretty and chic options out there for cute papers. After taking a self vow to write more handwritten notes this year (I live within walking distance of a Papyrus for goodness sake), I set out to find some great options to share with all of you.

Kate Spade Confetti Flat Cards -- (Is there anything this woman can't do?!?!)

I Love You Flourishes & Gems -- Valentine's Card

Skyline Letterpress Stationary

See! There is no excuse not to send your next thank you via snail mail - emails just aren't this pretty.

Xoxo ~ Dana

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