Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Make Your World. Make Yourself.

A blessing and curse of working in the marketing world: I find it fairly easy to read the "hidden" meanings behind advertising messages.  Hint: the advertiser ALWAYS wants to you to buy their product or service.  They don't really care that much if you have the shiniest hair this side of the Mississippi or can navigate your car through a glacier with your new tires.  Buy their product.

So recently when a (fairly) new Nike Women campaign launched, I expected to find the token attractive, athletic females modeling the latest yoga pants and gym shoes I'd want to immediately fill my closet with.  However, I found a slew of successful female athletes starring out through those glossy pages of my magazine with the message "Make Yourself."

The underlying meaning this time - take charge of yourself, your body and your life.  If you don't find that inspiring (as a woman or man), you should probably check and make sure you still can feel any sort of emotion.  This is powerful stuff people.

These women kick butt and aren't afraid to be strong and proud.  Something all of us woman should do every single day.  Be the best you you can be.  Always.

Need some help reaching your goals and looking smoking in those skinny jeans come the weekend?  No problem.  Enter Nike Training Club, an app that serves as a personal trainer complete with workouts and encouraging tips to get you through your workout.  The best part about these workouts is that they can be done just about anywhere.  No gym required (although some exercises do call for weights or a medicine ball).

Oh... and did I mention the app is FREE?!?!  Get on over to iTunes girlfriend... and make yourself.

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